Con Man Hell- 1462 days of Trump

Day 1, just 1461 more to go after today

Today Donald Gilderoy Lockhart Trump was sworn into office. And in his address talked about helping the “forgotten men and women” of America, returning power to them from Washington DC.

It would be great if he actually helped working-class and middle-class Americans, as FDR did in the 1930s when first using that phrase. But the first thing on the Republican docket is gutting Obamacare, which means taking health care away from millions – in short order tens of millions – of people. Either this is a shell game, or I am missing something. Pretty sure it is the former.

As of today, the top ten things I am afraid Lockhart, I mean Trump, might do, in order of likeliness (1st being least likely but a real possibility, 10th being highly likely):

1. Start World War III

2. Postpone the 2020 elections indefinitely

3. Use a nuclear weapon (probably part of his ongoing effort to feel better about his small hands)

4. Set up a Muslim registry and then ignore the courts when they declare it unconstitutional

5. Make the Middle East far more unstable than it already is now

6. Start a war with China

7. Effectively hand over eastern Europe to Russia by abandoning NATO and western Europe

8. Create such a huge ethical mess that even the Republican leadership of Congress can’t overlook it, but then survive being impeached

9. With Congress, increase the national debt enormously via tax cuts that increase, rather than decrease, income inequality

10. Put someone even more appalling than Scalia on the Supreme Court


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