Con Man Hell – Conspiracies, Alternative Facts, and MTM

Day 6, just 1,456 more days to go

Donald Trump believes in a wide variety of conspiracy theories, some of which he started. And his enablers, er I mean aides, are now calling them “alternative facts.” Presumably they think that sounds better than “blatant lies” or “we hope you’re stupid enough to believe this so here goes…”

I just heard an interesting theory myself. Some people are saying that Mary Tyler Moore’s death was under mysterious circumstances. It is widely believed by some smart people that it was revenge for Moore’s long career representing women as strong, independent, and capable of being happy without a husband. The person who ordered her death, according to boatloads of sources I cannot divulge right now, has an odd love for a Russian dictator also known for killing people. Sound unlikely? I thought so too until I saw a person with a very high IQ – high enough to be in Trump’s Cabinet! – point out that in the Mary Tyler Moore Show she starred as a woman who worked in a newsroom. We all know what current public figure is renowned for hatred of journalists. Also,  just saw a video online that claimed 83% of Americans are confident that Moore was killed, and most think it was at the order of a guy who owns some golf courses. Now, probably 20% of those people were illegal immigrants illegally responding to a survey meant for real Americans, but still you have to wonder. I don’t know, I just don’t know. Makes you wonder.

Also, word on the street has it that the same orange fellow killed Carrie Fisher. Just saying, that’s what I’ve heard a lot of people say lately.

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