Con Man Hell – What is Real?

Day 3, 1459 days to go All politicians try to create an alternate but convincing reality when they run for office, about themselves, about their plans, about their opponents, and about the world they claim they will improve. Candidate Donald Gilderoy Lockhart Trump did this far more extensively than most, but he was just at […]

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Con Man Hell – America First?

Day 2, 1460 more days to go The phrase “America First” that Trump is using to describe his approach strikes me as non-sensical on the face of it, but deeply troubling from a historical perspective. Every president has put America’s interests first; even some of our larger mistakes, such as escalating the Vietnam War, were […]

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Con Man Hell- 1462 days of Trump

Day 1, just 1461 more to go after today Today Donald Gilderoy Lockhart Trump was sworn into office. And in his address talked about helping the “forgotten men and women” of America, returning power to them from Washington DC. It would be great if he actually helped working-class and middle-class Americans, as FDR did in […]

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